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FreeAxez supply raised flooring with an underfloor wire management grid. We built them an Augmented Reality App so their customers can see the network of wires beneath the floor in AR – eliminating guesswork – no ripping up flooring to locate cabling.

14 June 2019 – more projects to be added to this page in the coming days

Innovation Award Winner at 50th NeoCon, 2019

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cvikerAR is the most disruptive technology in urban and real estate development since 3D modelling three decades ago.

Our first project was in Poprad, a small city in Central Europe: AR visualisation of a new bridge, to help get the budget approved – it worked! That inspired us to enter a tough international competition. We won funding and three months later we were in an acceleration program at Smart City Works, just outside Washington DC. Seven projects later, serving urban development, real estate, and construction, we’ve been awarded another round of funding to strengthen our presence in the US.


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