“Exploring and iterating on site and giving customers this level of insight – this is a new game.”

Charles J. Overly, Project Manager

Boston Properties & FYOOG Architects

This project followed this Boston Properties project. FYOOG, leading architects in sustainable construction, were creating the model for this project.

FYOOG were designing an art piece to suspend in the lobby at 901 NY Ave. The lobby of a commercial premises is of course all important – being visitors’ first impression.


How would it look in situ? Too small and lost? Or too big, making the lobby feel less spacious and airy?

Augmented Reality could give a much greater sense of the art piece than would traditional renderings.

We converted FYOOG’s 3D model to AR. This is a simple 2 minute upload process. We adjusted the model so it’s steel-like and reflects light realistically.

We joined Boston and FYOOG in the lobby. Walking around the AR visualization, we all agreed – the model should not reach quite so far into the ‘head space’ of the lobby. FYOOG clipped 10 inches off the model.

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