Experience Your Development Plan in 3D Augmented Reality

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With tablet or AR Headset, walk around your project as if the development were already built. This is a full-size 3D digital model in the built environment.
for Real Estate and Smart Urban Development

Super productive for discussion and iteration

Capture the imagination of community leaders and residents

Get permissions more quickly

The most disruptive technology in urban and real estate development since 3D modelling
It’s simple to create 3D Augmented Reality from your existing 3D model or 2D architectural plans

CVIKER AR converts your 3D models into Augmented Reality

Plug in the GPS coordinates of your development, so you can experience your project in the actual surroundings

With tablet or AR Headset, walk in and around your 100% scale model as if the project were already built

Securely share your designs with your team, collaborators, and customers

Show and hide layers as you walk, for a richer contextual analysis of different areas of the development

Accurately represent the position of the sun at different times of the day, and model the seasons, to see light and shade


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Promote public interest projects to the community, and visually communicate solutions that answer objections.

Enable your county commissioner to experience your proposal in 3D Augmented Reality. Get permissions more quickly.


Instantly, visually communicate design alternatives, speed up decision making, and enable more efficient value engineering.


Buyers and tenants get to see different versions of the interior design before it’s done. Sell more units sooner, with less marketing budget.


Quickly update your AR model in discussion with colleagues and developers. Work from simple massing to highly detailed finishes.


Differentiate from other bids with a captivating AR experience of design alternatives.


Big landscaping jobs court controversy. Enable stakeholders and the public to see how it’ll be after landscaping.


Capture the imagination of community leaders and residents. Get more people involved. Get buy-in.


See future traffic patterns in Augmented Reality. More accurately predict the impact of highway alterations.


Walk with customers and stakeholders through a highly detailed Augmented Reality model of the build. See the layout, the utility needs, the look and feel.


Precision map layers – water, aircon, electric, etc – to coordinate contractors and to give them context. Cut down on errors.


Layers enable ‘x-raying the wall’, for more efficient maintenance, to depict air quality and energy conservation for customers, and for firefighters’ navigation.


Jan Hroncak, CEO

Dana Rapos, COO

Martin Rapos, CXO

Sona Gibastikova

Lead IT

Mato Klobusnik, CTO

Karson Kopecky

Project Manager

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About cvikerAR


cvikerAR is the most disruptive technology in urban and real estate development since 3D modelling three decades ago.

Our first project was in Poprad, a small city in Central Europe: AR visualisation of a new bridge, to help get the budget approved – it worked! That inspired us to enter a tough international competition. We won funding and three months later we were in an acceleration program at Smart City Works, just outside Washington DC. Seven projects later, serving urban development, real estate, and construction, we’ve been awarded another round of funding to strengthen our presence in the US.


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